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My Darling, you have provided for me in so many ways. Our home is the envy of all our friends. How can I complain, when we manage to slip away to exotic destinationslike Fiji and Monte Carlo, on a regular basis? I never have to worry about how much anything costs, when I leave home with your American Express Black Card. Really, you treat me like the Queen that I am!! But, there is one area in our union that has never been quite satisfying. I will not insult your intelligence by lying about your penile inadequacies.

When I slid into bed last night, I knew that you weren't asleep. You nuzzled close behind me, sliding your hand down to my newly-fucked pussy. As you smelled the scent of him on my body,I felt your erection pressing into the small of my back. What did you expect me to do? Of course, you didn't think I would give myself to you, did you? Those days are over, Honey. Now that I know what it's like to be with a REAL man, you will only get close to me after I have been pleased with the splendidly,large BLACK cock that I deserve!!

I will allow you to watch as he enjoys the body that was once yours exclusively. How could you possibly compete with a man whose form looks like it was chiseled out of granite? His cock, majestic in the mission to spread his potent seed and preserve the lineage of his ancestors, dwarfs your pathetic member. I could never imagine you pleasuring me to that magnitude of orgasm... because you simply lack the equipment.

I will grant you the opportunity to watch him give me pleasure like you never could. After we are spent from our Fuckathon, I will let you clean us both of any residual cum. After all, Honey, you've been so good to me, it's the least I could do.




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