A Femdom’s Cuckold Husband


I met my husband John in college, and we have been married for quite some time now; long enough, in fact, that we have grown and developed our relationship into a true Mistress and femdom’s cuckold relationship. Our loved ones have gone off to their own lives, leaving us once again alone in the house. My spouse has always been a very easy-going guy and was always willing to give me whatever it was that I wanted, even before we were married. I guess you could say that I had always been the more dominant one in our relationship. John was a pleaser.


Before we had gotten married and were just dating in college, he had confessed to me one night that he loved dominant women and especially loved being spanked. He had been toying with spanking phone sex and wanted to see if I would explore this submissive side of him. This would come as a shock to most people, since he is six foot, two hundred pounds and had the form of a good athlete. He looked and acted on average, like the typical big bossy jock, which was initially what had attracted me to him.


Spanking Fantasies Lead To More


I probed deep into his feelings of being spanked and he explained his fantasy to me about a powerful femdom taking control and punishing him. He told me that one of the things that really stood out in all of this was that a woman would love him enough to take him across her knees from time to time and spank his bottom. This helped him really stay centered, focused and relaxed, knowing that his femdom was there in charge, taking care of him.


This was the first night that I saw my now husband naked and also the first night that I spanked his bare bottom. We spent some time making out and chatting lightly about our newfound spanking fetish. I have to admit that one of the biggest let-downs was how…small his cock was. This is when I quickly took him over my knee starting to rub and spank his ass, whispering to him how he could not possibly please me with such a small cock. I could tell he was really getting into the small penis humiliation that his new femdom mistress was dosing out. It wouldn’t be much longer before he became his femdom’s cuckold!


Unsatisfying Small Penis Leads To Cuckolding


We continued this little femdom fantasy over the next several years, even up and through the first years of our marriage. His sexual relief was obviously much better than mine, which is when I decided that it was time to start pushing for cuckolding. I would slowly and sensually spank my male submissive husband, while whispering into his ear about how small his cock was and how he could never possibly sexually please me the way that I deserved. As he would get more and more aroused, he would start to almost begrudgingly agree with me. I continued on this path, pushing him harder and harder, telling him that I would find a young hot Bull to cuckold him. This would only push our femdom relationship deeper.


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