Many Types of Cuckolds - From Humiliated to Horny

The Role of the Bull in the Cuckold Relationship


Different Types Of Cuckolds: From Humiliation To Just Plain Horny

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Many men enjoy being cuckolded by their wives; many more enjoy the fantasy of being cuckolded by their wives or girlfriends. Being cuckolded consists of wives, or other romantic partners, having intercourse with other men.

This article will focus on why someone would choose to be a cuckold and have his significant other be unfaithful to him. For many people, it is hard to understand, but after this article you should have a lot more knowledge and understanding to this taboo phenomenon. Each relationship may hold a different reason for being a cuckold relationship and it may even be a mixture of reasons why a male would chose to have his wife screw other men.

This can happen with the cuckold in the same room, or in a completely different house. The cuckold may know that the wife is being unfaithful, or the cuckold may not have any idea that his wife is having intercourse with other men. Because of this, there are a lot more cuckolds out there that do not yet know they are cuckolds. The wife that is cuckolding her husband is referred to as a hotwife, slut wife, or cuckold mistress, while the male that is having intercourse with her is referred to as the bull, stud, or alpha male. The cuckolded husband is referred to as a cuckold, cuckold husband or a beta male.

The Male Cuckold: Submission

The submissive cuckold may just be a servant to his wife's needs and desires. He knows that he is not what she wants sexually, or not the only thing she wants, and that she must screw other men in order to be sexually satisfied. The submissive cuckold does as he is told by the hotwife and her bull. This type of cuckold may be forced to take his wife (or girlfriend or Mistress) shopping the day before her date, pay for her date and do various tasks once she gets home. He will be forced to help her and her stud undress and then get her, or each of them, ready for action. Getting them ready consists of him licking her and making sure she is clean and wet for her stud and possibly getting him hard orally as well. When this happens, the cuckold then becomes the fluffer.

Male Cuckold: Humiliation

Many male cuckolds know that they are not at all endowed in the penis area and therefore know there is never any chance of being able to please a woman. These men enjoy the humiliation of knowing just how pathetic they are and how tiny their cocks are, especially compared to the men their wife's are getting pleasured by. Humiliated, small cock cuckolds are normally not ever allowed to screw their wife's, but sometimes are allowed to orally pleasure them. The hotwife and her bull may laugh at how small his penis is while his is watching them have intercourse.

Another form of cuckold humiliation is when the cuckold knows that everyone around him and his wife are aware that he is a cuckold. Others may see the hotwife and her stud going out on date's with the husband in tow only to pay for the activities. Everyone will know just how pathetic this cuckold is since he cannot even please his own wife and she is going and getting pleasure elsewhere. The hotwife may even go so far as to get pregnant by another man, usually a black man, and have the cuckold raise the child as if it is his own. This is the ultimate humiliation experience as the child will no doubt not be his own.

Male Cuckold: Jealousy

Not many men want to admit it, but jealousy has the ability to turn people on. The cuckold who is turned on by jealousy may not be able to watch his wife be taken from him, but may suspect that she is being unfaithful. Jealousy is ultimately a form of humiliation in that the cuckold knows that he is no longer enough for his wife; she has to go out to get pleasured by someone other than himself. He knows that he has lost nearly everything close to him such as his wife's faithfulness and trust. He has lost her body and his ability to please her.

Male Cuckold: Just Plain Horny

Not all cuckolds fall into the categories above; maybe the cuckold is just a horny man who loves a good porn flick and thinks it is even better in real life. Watching his wife being screwed by some hot young stud may be the ultimate flick and it is in close he can smell it! Listening to her screams and moans may be what turns him on like he has never been turned on before.

Male Cuckold: Altruist

It may be the case that the cuckold is unable to physically have sex for one reason or another. He knows that he is unable to truly pleasure his wife because of this, so he tells her she can go out and meet as many men as she needs in order to be satisfied. This cuckold is not necessarily becoming one so that he can get his rocks off, but truly loves his wife and knows that this is the best present he could ever give to her. He does not have to watch while she has sex, or even know about it. As long as she is happy at the end of the day, so is he.

Who Else Is A Cuckold?

Being a cuckold is not a rare occurrence in our society. As stated earlier, many men are not even aware that they are being cuckolded, as their wife's are having sex with different men behind their backs. The cuckold that does know that his wife is being unfaithful could be anyone. Cuckolds come in all shapes, sizes and economic levels. The boss of a large company could be a cuckold, yet so could the garbage man. There is no telling, just by looking at someone, or stereotyping who is a cuckold. Perhaps your neighbor is, or perhaps you are and just never knew it!

by Mistress Bailey of Cuckold Fantasies

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