The Accidental Cuckold Husband


Cuckolding - When You Least Expect It

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It was always in the back of his mind. He wanted to try swing clubs. He danced around the subject with his partner, but she still shot him down at every opportunity. He even tried to get her to watch adult videos about it, but she still said no.

Cuckolding is a very cut and dry fetish. It is black or white. There is not any gray area there. You either like the idea, and can handle seeing your wife or partner with another man or you can't. Half of all marriages end in divorce before their seven year anniversary. Many of these endings are due to either on or both of the parties cheating or having an affair.

One Option: Open Cuckolding

Now what if cuckolding were an option, and accepted by both partners? Chances are, some of those couples still might be together.

There are many reasons a partner may want to be with someone else. For the sake of the topic we will stick with the female introspective. If the woman has either married young, been sexually inexperienced at the onset of her marriage, is not sexually satisfied with her partner, or just simply wants to experiment, these are all reasons a woman may cheat on her husband. Now no woman wants to be caught. She hopes that she can have her fun, and continue with her marriage. There are signs that a husband or partner may suspect his wife/girlfriend is cheating. Lack of sex is a big red flag. Now if there never really was a big sexual relationship between both of them, that is a whole different reason.

The woman has found someone that has piqued her interest. It started out as innocent flirting and took on a life of its own. Flirting led to touching, and touching led to kissing, and, well, kissing led to both parties having sex. She thought the sex was amazing, ans so she did it again and again. She began making excuses to her husband/partner of the reasons why she had to leave the house. He began to grow suspicious.

Cuckold Discovery

One day he decided to act on his impulse and follow her. She went to a girlfriend's house. Problem is, she didn't tell him that girlfriend was going out for the night. He waited and watched from across the street in his car. That's when he saw it. A man pulled up to the driveway and knocked on the front door. When his wife appeared in the doorway, she hugged this man. Both of them then disappeared into the house.

Now curiosity had overtaken the husband, and so he decided to investigate. He found the hide a key and let himself into the house very quietly. Once in there, he was shocked, and quite a bit excited to see his slut wife, having sex with this stranger. She was moaning and screaming, things she had never done when they were having intercourse.

The Cuckold Likes It!

This is when the light bulb usually goes off for most men. Either they will feel totally violated or they will become sexually aroused themselves. In this case the latter happened. Some men will then approach their wives/partners, and instead of chastising them for the affair, will ask if they can become involved. This is the point where the man becomes a cuckold, purely by accident. Many wives are excited by the idea as well. They can basically have their cake and eat it too.

When a woman is unsatisfied with her partner sexually, or even when she just needs some sexual variety or has an insatiable sexual appetite, cuckolding can be a great way to satisfy both parties. If the man's penis is small in size, the woman often opts for a partner much larger partner. The husband often gets excited by seeing his wife sexually satisfied, which is something he has not been able to do in a long time, or was never able to accomplish.

A Bit Ol' Plate of Cream Pie

With cuckolding, the husband is often involved in the act itself. A cuckold husband usually enjoys participating in the act by preparing the male for intercourse. This act of fluffing as it is called in the industry, is arousing not only for the husband, but also for the wife.

As the evening progresses, the husband may participate in sexual activities between both parties. Some of the time the only act the cuckold husband is allowed to participate in is masturbation. The decision of what acts the husband may participate in is often left up to the wife.

Most cuckold husbands are so appreciative that they are allowed to be present during the actual act, that no negotiations are needed.

Often however the cuckold husband is left while his wife enjoys her extra curricular activities. When the wife returns home to her eagerly awaiting cuckold, she normally allows him to partake in performing oral sex on her.

Many cuckolds enjoy telling others about their experiences. They enjoy reliving what is taking place between their wives and other men. It often is just as arousing for them to relive the fantasy by talking about it.

The Slut Wife and the Cuckold Husband

Many times a cuckold's wife will have more then one partner. She may even choose someone that is close to her husband. The cuckold many also find that even more erotic, if she chooses to have this relationship with one of his closest friends.

No matter how the experience started, it often continues throughout the couples entire relationship. It has brought an element of excitement and change to their marriage. Even if the cuckolding was not planned and happened accidentally, all parties seem to agree that it is exciting for both of them.

The topic of cuckolds may come up in many relationships or marriages. Some couples may try it , while others are just thrown into the situation.

There are so many scenarios that a husband can get excited by. The lure of humiliation is one of those. There is no better way then to have his wife having intercourse with another man, in his presence, while having his wife belittle him through humiliation during the act of cuckolding.

Cuckolding is one of the many types of fetishes that may not be planned, but is often enjoyed once experienced. Like many other fantasies, accidental or planned, once you try it, there may be no going back.

by Mistress Taylor

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