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Hey you - yes you... What are you looking at? I hope you don't think that you have any chance with me. I mean come on do you really think somebody like me would even be talking to somebody like you?

You are a disadvantaged loser with a capital L and you are extremely lucky to even be reading this. You are a catastrophic tragedy...A waste really and the only reason you can talk to me is so that I can laugh at your underprivileged areas lol

Talking about underprivileged areas I'm sure that you are lacking in quite a few and I'm sure that you would love nothing more than to hear me tease you about them. Listening to me laugh and giggle at your expense will definitely put a smile on my face and that's the least you can do for a Princess like me.

Before you even attempt to pick up the phone and call me you better think of something to amuse me... You better come to me with something to make me laugh.

I also want a humiliating story. I want you to relive something that was very humiliating to you and who knows maybe we will even roleplay it all over again so you can relive it in as much detail as possible.