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I hope you have a list of items of humiliation, because if you don't, I'm so sure I could invent a few. So what makes you blush, loser boy? How can I bring you to your knees in front of this 5'11" Princess? Most of the losers who call this site have small little cocks, but you may have much more going on than that. Sissy humiliation, cocksucking bi-fantasies, limp dick loserdom, a stutterfuck, an eye-lowering cuckold, a chronic porn wanker... what can I hold against you then?

Are you the type of loser that can't make up its mind?? No worries. I have one for you. Ignore! That's what this Princess likes to do the most, especially when you're on webcam. The phone is simply not addressed and you wont know if the cam is being watched at all. Expect me to check now and then, expect me not to check either. Not knowing what to expect is quite exciting, isn't it? Should you happen to have a webcam, seeing you suck a dildo while dressed like a sissy in pink makes me giggle the most.

Any call for humiliation will do, as long as I can humiliate you and laugh at your weakness. It's called entertainment for a mean little valley girl Princess.