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What a cute little dickie. Can I tie a pink ribbon around it?


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I'm Britany, a long time fan of cuckolding, simply because it is so natural to a spoiled and pampered Princess. I entertain the thought of being a future trophy wife to an under-endowed , successful, and rich mogul. Of course the prenuptial is all in my favor, written up by my alpha stud attorney. Imagine us snickering and playing footsy under the table while your trembling fingers sign on the fate-sealing line. Of course you give me whatever I demand. I always hold it over your head what I'm doing on the side. That is simply because I can, and you are not man enough to satisfy me.

You think...what could possibly be next?? I think you know that eventually I could leave, bringing that prenuptial with me, so you indulge my every whim. Eventually I would bring my "catch" home for some entertainment in our huge king sized bed while you watch. For an extra twist on occasions, I lock you in a chastity device, I order you to "fluff" my stud, and when I'm generous I allow you the cream pie, things like that. Not to worry. I doubt I would ever leave you. What's the point? I get everything I want and more from you, and them. Mostly , I am entertained by humiliating you in a most degrading way, and mostly, I am practicing the ultimate of Femdom! I'm pampered, spoiled, and never have to labor to dominate you. It's the natural order of you and Princess Britany.



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Three Mistresses – $6.19 per minute

Four Mistresses – $7.79 per minute

Five Mistresses – $9.39 per minute