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Your woman is insatiable. She craves cock, and not just any cock, big, perfect-specimen cock. You can't measure up. You never will and you know it. You are content to be the man-wife, the cleaner, the stylist, the (man)lady in waiting, the fluffer.

The only thing you desire, in return for being the caretaker and facilitator, is the chance to watch another man pound your wife and please her like you can't. You may even want to lend a hand (or your tongue) here or there.

There's something about having another man, a bigger man, a better man, inside your wife, that satisfies a very deep, primal urge in you. You are extremely aroused when your wife comes home with the smell of another man on her. You imagine what their torrid lovemaking must've been like, as you grovel between her legs, savoring only a morsel of that moment.

Other than enjoying an occasional creampie, you primarily sit on the sideline and watch. You are a beta-male, and that is your lot in life and you love it.

I am an Alpha Female, and I know what makes you tick. Let's explore your cuckold kink together.