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Girls laughing at you, mocking you, something about that really turned you on when you were in school. That desire has followed you into adulthood and nothing gets that little pecker harder than a stunning woman, clearly out of your league, teasing and taunting you about your inferiority. A quick-witted, confident woman belittling you is such a turn-on, isn't it? Now why do you suppose that is? Any confident woman can spot the chink in your armor and bring you down, hard. But you love it.

Groveling before a drop-dead gorgeous woman while she works you over with her venomous tongue delights you. I am that woman. I am a lifestyle Female Supremacist. In my eyes, all men are subordinate to Women. So you best get down on your knees and begin worshipping your Goddess properly, or you'll dream you were only being verbally humiliated. I will put you in your proper place, far beneath me, ground beneath my boot heel.