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As I have discussed in other places online (specifically my erotic humiliation listing), there are 3 types of men; Alpha, Beta & Omega. Or, to break it down to understandable terms - Men, boys and bitches. And while I'm sure no-one will own up to being an omega ... we can at least discuss why you're a beta and how that works for me.

Modern Relationships

If anyone were to look at our relationship, I'm sure they'd see exactly what they expect ... a powerful and beautiful woman in a relationship with a doting and loving boyfriend. From the exterior you appear to be successful, well liked by your circle of friends and I've let drop to a few of our friends that my sex life is phenomenal. You and I appear to be the very epitome of a modern 21st century relationship ... and, from my perspective we are ... but not for any of the reasons our friends suspect. Certainly when we first met, these were qualities that attracted me to you but, as time has gone on ... the dynamic of our relationship has changed quite a bit, hasn't it?

My sex life

You notice where I mentioned that I tell our friends about MY sex life. I'm always quite careful to use that term so no one ever suspects I've been lying to them. You see, my sex life is very important and I'm the kind of woman who is quite voracious in my appetites ... which you have failed to keep up with. It's not to say I don't still care about you a great deal and want to continue our relationship as it stands ... but I'm afraid we've reached that point where something has to be done. And I'm afraid it is going to be quite drastic. You see, I've decided to re-enter the dating scene and I've met someone already.

It's not cheating

In order to consider this cheating, you would have to be providing me with an essential need that I am choosing to get from someone else. In our case, you aren't equipped to provide me with what I want so I'm supplementing our relationship with someone who can. He's quite the handsome young man in his late 20s with a sex drive that leaves me breathless. We've met a few times and I wanted to take our relationship to the next logical step. Of course, he knows I'm married and I've told him about you a few times ... and I think it's time the 2 of you met.

Cuckold Husband

To be honest, I'd never considered cuckolding you until quite recently. I was content to have the occasional fling ... (Oh do take that expression off your face. Certainly you realized I've been seeing other men since before we got married, no? Oh .. well yes. I have.) but I was in bed with my lover about a month ago and he casually whispered in my ear "What would your husband say if he could see us together?"

I came so hard from the thought of it I almost crushed his hips between my thighs!

Since then, I've done all manner of research ... and I can't wait to experiment! Chastity, coerced bi and cumeating are a few that really intrigued me but, there is one I'm really looking forward to more than anything else. One that really excites me more than any of the others.

I'm going to fuck my lover in our wedding bed ... and you're going to watch.



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