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There is 'something' about erotic humiliation. It is one of the most intense erotic experiences. It is, like many things we do, counterintuitive ... the opposite of what you think you should enjoy. But, there is no denying the thrill. You know exactly what I mean, don't you?

Are you beginning to feel that craving building right now? Take a deep breath and realize that your body is yearning for those feelings of fear, anxiousness and sexual excitement.

Think about the first time you went on a roller coaster. As you travel up to the top in your memory, remember how you felt: the wind on your face, the amusement ride car bumping along on the track and your anticipation of the ride!

Your erotic humiliation is on a similar trajectory. As you begin, you may feel anxiousness and squirm as you think, "Why am I doing this? Am I crazy?" But, once you get to the top and start to plummet into the depths of your erotic humiliation, it is fun and un-fucking-believably exciting! This is a very adult thrill ride!

When it is over, you are glad you did it and want to do it again. But, then ... you are nervous, anxious and outrageously horny! You know that you crave the thrill that will launch you (and your body) into an this dimension of sensual pleasure. Nothing else feels the same.

Sometimes you look at the roller coaster and chicken out a few times but if you are really drawn to this ... eventually ... you will ride the ride. And you ARE drawn to this, aren't you?

Your humiliation can be sweet and sensual with gentle teases and light giggles. You might like a bit more of a bite with strict domination and/or degrading comments. If you are like most people, you like a bit of both ... from an Experienced Mistress who knows how to create your very own thrill ride. Click here to listen to this free erotic audio on some of the many ways you can experience phone humiliation.