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Do you love me? Of course you do, thats why you know you no longer satisfy my needs as a vibrant, sexual young woman. You know that I must find someone, or several someones, to satisfy my sexual needs. You are no longer the man that can do it. Your small, pathetic penis has disappointed me for years, and frankly, I'm sick of it.

Please don't waste your breath, asking me to stay home. I need this. I have to go out and find my pleasures. I will be sure to tell you all about it when I return home. You will so enjoy hearing about all my adventures. Now stay here and wash and clean the house. Because you never know who I might bring home and the house must be very tidy. And then you will watch as a real man pleases me.

Yes I said watch. Oh stop . . . those little whimpering cries won't change a thing. You will watch and see how a real man opens me up, then fills me up. Mmmmm .. it will be wonderful for both of us! And you don't even compare; you're not even in the same playing field.

Yes, you love me. And because you do, you will learn your place . . . and stay there.