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Hello, loser!

You ask why I should call you that right away? Ha! It's the reason you're here . . . too pathetic to be with a girl in person, and too tiny to really satisfy any woman!

Oh, don't give me tears . . . I've only just started with you. You will learn to love the degradation I will bestow upon you. You will take that little worm of a penis and hide it away behind the little lacy pink panties you will buy for our sessions, or in the cage or rings I will make you buy to bind up that tiny thing. You will only take it out when told, if you can find it.

I will take you to the bottoms of the sewers and never let you back up again. I will strip away all of your self confidence and self worth (if you even have any now). You will know the true meaning of humiliation; you will be completely demoralized when I am finished with you. And me being finished with you will possibly take a life time.

You will learn that all women are your Superiors, and you shall address us as such. You can start now. Call me.