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When you find yourself in the presence of a woman such as myself, you become weak in the knees. Not only because of my beauty and grace, but also because you know you are not worthy. You know you lack those qualities that a woman such as myself seeks in a man. Masculinity, sex appeal, and a real cock. A great personality never hurts, either.

There is hope for you, though! I'm quite fond of laughter, and I suspect you are someone who could entertain me. How could I possibly know that? The way you carry yourself tells me that you are flawed. Physically, sexually, you are less than a real man. I suspect you have a teeny weenie. Am I wrong? Or perhaps you are a minute man? Leaving a sticky trail on a woman's thigh because you are so excited to be that close to a woman's naked body. Or is there more? I'll find out soon enough! You're eager to confess your shortcomings to a listening ear, just for the humiliation and attention.

What I have discovered, though, is that you relish the mockery. The derisive laughter. The glee in my voice as I coax you into telling me your deepest darkest secrets. It's ridiculously pathetic how you whimper and moan as your dicklet grows and twitches. Is it covered in pretty panties? Even better! If laughter and humiliation is what you need to get your little peen going, bring it to me. I'll be delighted to mock your ridiculously pathetic member. After all, that's the only thing it is good for, truly.