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Hey Tiny. What are you doing here? Trying to convince me and yourself that you are a real man? *giggle*

That's pretty funny, a pitiful thing like you pretending to be a man.

I bet your wife, or is it your girlfriend, thinks the same thing. You aren't the kind to be able to satisfy a woman, so you know if one is with you, she's cheating on you. ?She might even like you, but she's still having sex with a real man, which makes you a pathetic loser.

Do you think I'm going to be any different? Are you thinking that maybe, just maybe you have some small little chance at me actually wanting you? That isn't going to happen. I have my choice of hot REAL men, maybe even some who work for you. Wouldn't that be funny? *giggle* ?Maybe you are even one of those who is going to tell me you have a big dick...Does not matter. ?You can still be a loser, cock size isn't the only way to spot one.

I will love watching you try desperately to please me, hearing you beg to be taken seriously. But I never will. If you're really lucky I'll let you watch me with one of the REAL men I know. Then he and I will both laugh at you wanting to fuck me. Or I'll laugh and he'll fuck you like the pussy you are.

I love to see you get hard for me, knowing I'd never let you near me. In fact I doubt there is any way you could please me at all. We could get you a cock extension and put it on, but I've already got a dildo and it doesn't expect me to try to be nice to it. Maybe you are really great with your tongue . . .

Yeah right, that's what all the losers say.

I bet you promise every girl you try to fuck that you can really lick pussy. Well so can my girlfriend and she's hot like me, so what do I need you for?

Oh that's right, to laugh at!