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No woman wants a man who can't satisfy her sexually.

Oh he might be good for other things. He might be fun to go places with or talk to, he might even be handsome or amazing at choosing the perfect gift. ?He could be a great cook or good at following orders. ?I have an older man who thinks I'm his, but all he does for me is make sure I'm always comfortable and happy, mostly by being an endless source of amusement for me and my friends. ?He's a pretty good fluffer, too. ?He wasn't at first, but he's learned.

Stop telling yourself you aren't just like him. ?Admit it, you know your woman is doing the same, using you for the little bit you can do for her and fucking that hot guy you saw leaving the house that day you came home early. I bet she just smiled and went to shower, didn't even bother to deny it when you asked if she was fucking him.

And that turned you on.

That was the moment you became a cuckold.

Whether you watched or participated or put on her panties, yet, you were already a cuckold as surely as if you'd been on your knees sucking his dick getting him ready for her. ?The fact that another man pleasing your wife or girlfriend sexually turned you on, made you a cuckold. ? Be proud! ?Cuckolds are a special breed all their own. ?Some know they need to be cuckolded, some need a woman like me to point it out to them. ?Many want to watch, others want to join in, and some of you love to get dressed up and be of service. ?That is the really special part, cuckolding is a little bit of everything. ?That doesn't mean it's up to you or you are in control, it means extra fun for the cuckoldress!