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Hello, loser! I see you found my page . . . probably the brightest thing you have done in a long time!

Well, now that you found me what is it you can do for me, besides look pathetic? Yes, I know your type. You get off having a woman as sexy as me tell you what a total waste of space you are. Your tiny little dick gets hard when I tell you how pathetic I find you to be.

Look down right now. Hard, right? Ha! I knew it! What are you doing, loser? Probably staring at my picture, wishing you were good enough to be at my feet , worshipping my every step and every move. But I am sure you will screw that up too, won't you? Is there anything you know how to do well, besides grovel and beg for attention? Well, at least you amuse me with your begging and pleading! I always get a good laugh out of losers like you who will do anything just to try and please me!

You get harder when you hear my voice telling you what I think of your dicklette and how you will never be able to satisfy a woman, let alone one like me. I have a way with my words that will make you wonder how you ever went a day without my abuse, because at least I am giving you some attention, isn't that right? You will be craving me before I am done with you, wishing you had enough self control to stay away from me, but you won't. You will be drawn to my abuse and I will enjoy every second of it! Have no doubt about who is in charge here. Let there be no confusion in your mind about how this will end. I will always be superior to you and you will always be at my feet begging for more . . . .

So when you and your micro-mini dicklette there are ready to be used, why don't you come have a talk with me?

I have MANY ways of humiliating you and making you feel like the pathetic loser you are!