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Hello, cuck!

I am Mistress Constance, and you . . . well, you are my little cuckold, aren't you?!

To the rest of the world you appear to be a confident, put-together man, but to me - I see you as the cuckold bitch you truly are..You have the looks, the money, the brains . . . but you are lacking in one very big area when it comes to pleasing a woman. You simply don't have the equipment it takes to keep a woman like me happy. Ohhh, but don't worry there are plenty of things I will be able to do with you. You always like making me happy, and if that means bringing me home a hot young stud to fuck, well then you're going to do that for me too. And you're going to watch me enjoy his fat cock in all my tight holes.

Yes, WATCH! You know I love looking into your eyes just as a big cock is filling me like your tiny dick never has been able to do..You can see how much I needed a big cock and you are turned on simply by watching me being fucked by that big dick. Yes, I know you're turned on. I can see your little dick sticking up. Go on and touch yourself . . . stroke it for me as I scream out in pleasure from his cock slamming into me, reminding you how good a big cock feels and how unsatisfied I am with yours.

I bet you're dying to get closer to my pussy and that cock, aren't you? Well, come on you can get closer. In fact, get your face right in there! I want you close and ready to clean me up when he is finished. Oh, are you surprised I said "clean me up?" Well, you shouldn't be. After all, you are my cuck slut and that's part of your duties. You must always clean the cum from my dripping pussy and taste my juices mixed with his cum, knowing you could never do to me what he has done.

I am not afraid to force you to do these things for me either. I will tie you down and fuck him right over your face if I have to! Think about that for a moment . . . you on your back, tied to the bed, staring up at a huge cock entering my pussy just inches from your face! Imagine seeing me push back on that cock and telling him to fuck me harder!! You have never had me like that. You could never do that to me, and this is the closest you will ever hope to come to fucking me like a real man!

Get ready for your clean up duties, my little cuck, because I plan on having lots of fun with you!!



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