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I am too much woman for you go kneel in the corner peewee


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2.50 Per Minute, Minimum of 10 Minutes, 18+

Ms Cassandra's Online Diary

cuckold: (kuk'eld) n. A man married to an adulterous wife.

Is that you loser? Or do you just imagine your wife , girlfriend , or Me coming home with some sloppy seconds for you.

Yes. You're with a size Queen and you have a teenie little pee-wee ( snicker). She doesn't lie to you either, She simply announces for any one to hear: YOU HAVE A SMALL COCK!!

You watch Her with such remorse as She dresses to the nines to step out later with your best friend, so you assume. You know, the alpha dick executive you wished you were. You even zip up Her tight dress and make sure Her seams are straight like a good little wuss. Then you wait in the dark corner all night for Her to come home alone or with him. You play with your clitty thinking of all the good sex She's having with that 10" cock.

You hear the key in the door and then laughter and then, "Where's loser limp dick?". No such luck they would leave you in your pathetic misery. Instead you are brought out naked with frilly pink apron to serve nightcaps to the amorous couple. You stand at attention with your pink apron, red face, a cocktail tray with 2 martinis, and YOUR TINY LITTLE DICKLET.

So what's in store for you now, acorn balls? A humiliation session of dick comparison side by side? Getting the stud hard with your mouth and feeding it to your lovely lass as you watch with pee-wee in hand? How about your "hard" earned dinner. That tasty cream pie........mmmmmmm slurp it , loser.

I am Mistress Cassandra, delighted to humiliate and degrade you every step of the way with your cuckold fantasies, or better yet, realities. I will ridicule, harass, and give you all the infectious laughter you deserve.



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