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Listen up, you pathetic limp dicked loser. I'm here to bust your balls and make you squirm. I'm here to kick ass and take names, and your name comes up on the short straw, baby. I'll find your weaknesses and vulnerabilities and use them against you. Nothing satisfies Me more than tying up some dweeb to interrogate him about his "sensitive inner child" Ha! There is not one bit of maternal nurturing in My nature, so get it straight: you are here for My amusement only. To be humiliated and defeated as I rip your self-esteem to shreds.

When I was a sorority Princess, I would have nerdy pimple faced bedwetters follow Me around doing My errands, homework , and buying Me stuff. If they were lucky, I'd let them sniff My panties before I demanded they wash them.

800-730-7164: 2.50 per minute, billed to your credit card

Well, things haven't changed much. Now I have loser dork men cleaning My toilet, doing My laundry, and buying Me very expensive stuff while I cuckold them with hugely endowed "real" men.

Want to be a part of My humiliation stable? Well get ready to cover up your puny package with some sissy panties. Maybe you would like to be a webcam slut while I laugh in the background.

Well? What are you waiting for, panty waist? Call Me now and give Me the entertainment I deserve!