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You know she'll be home soon - and you know she will not be alone. Your cock begins to stir and stiffen as you think of what is going to happen when she gets there. Engulfed in excitement, eagerness, and a twinge of nervousness, you begin to prepare yourself as you always do - as she expects you to do. You dim the lights, make sure your "place" in the corner is ready, and freshen the bed - the bed where you will watch your woman contort in sexual bliss, scream in orgasmic ecstasy, and beg for more of that massive, fulfilling cock that is invading and satisfying her cock-hungry pussy. You feel so many conflicting emotions in one rush - humiliation, desire, shame, lust, embarrassment, longing. The rush of contradictory and opposing feelings floods your mind as if a dam has broken, but there is always one constant present in that paradoxical whirlwind: The thought of your woman being satisfied in a way that you could never accomplish makes you hotter and hornier than you've ever been. You cling to that anticipatory titillation with white knuckles as you wait to hear the front door open.

Does this scenario ??? whether fantasy or reality - sound familiar? Can you possibly begin to count how many times you???ve jacked off thinking about it? I know; it???s embarrassing to admit that you can???t please your wife or girlfriend, so you have been exiled to the position of observer. However, I am all to well aware that you are bursting to tell me how you get off knowing that another man???s cock is bringing your woman to one earth-shattering climax after the next, and she simply cannot get enough. You want more than anything to admit that it???s what you deserve, it???s your duty, it has become your accepted lot in Life ??? and I am here to exploit your need for confession. Tell Mistress EmmaJane everything. I want to hear how it started, how you felt, and just how many men took her in front of you that very first time. Did you take that strange cock in your hands in order to get it ready for her? Did she use you as her fluffer and make you drop to your knees and suck that thick cock until it was fully hard? Afterwards, were you her clean-up boy, cleaning her pussy ???inside and out- by collecting every drop of cum with your tongue? How has your cuckold experience evolved since then? I want to re-live every detail with you, so don???t leave anything out. Tell me about the twinges of jealousy and emasculation you suffered when she first told you that she needed more than you had to offer ???and that you were going to watch her receive satisfaction by a "real" man. Let me hear about the first moment you felt you deserved to be humiliated because of your inadequacies, and you felt you owed it to her to bring a cock to full, throbbing erectness so it would be ready to give her what she desperately wanted and needed. You and I will explore why you had to be relegated to the status of a cuckolded man and how you grew to accept and immerse yourself in the experience.

Call your cuckold Mistress EmmaJane, and tell me all of these things you would admit to no other. While I will not feel at all sorry for you, your shameful dirty secret is safe with me.