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Listen up. You are even lucky I allow you to talk to Me.

' I'm sure you have a worthless little maggot dangling between those two dried up raisins in between your legs! Am I right? Of course I am. I love doing psychological profiles on losers like you. I peg and find your weaknesses and I will use them like weapons of mass destruction. Are you a panty-wearing slut?

Do you dress up like a sissy secretly and don't want anyone to know? Do you have a small worthless cock that no one wants? I'm sure there is something that you are hiding that I will be able to find and I will tell all My other girlfriends about it so that they can laugh at you too. I will embarrass, mock you and make you worship Me. You know that I am better than you and smarter than you. I will bring you to your knees and give you such exquisite humiliation. I dare you.

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