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Hey there, tinker balls. I see you took your two fingers off that tic-tac dick long enough to find me. Now that you are here, prepare to be humiliated.

Just like the name implies, I will hunt until I find your every weakness. I won't stop until I know all about your dirty little secret. You know, the one you would rather die than have exposed? Not only will I expose that dirty little secret, I will use it to embarrass and humiliate you, even shame you into doing all sorts of degrading things just to try to keep your secret from getting out.

Uh oh, that flaccid little thingie between your legs looks like it could use more air. Better blow on it! Shall I invite my huge-dicked friend over and have you blow him instead?

Hey- sponge tongued, scotum boy! Quit licking your lips and pay attention!! I know it is hard to do with that pea sized brain of yours, but try anyway.

No worries, you will be turned into a cock breath fag face, soon enough. Right now, I want to see that shrinkey dick of yours again so I can to laugh at it.

Eeney, Meeny, Miney, Mo, catch a moron by his stubby toe. If he hollers, do not let go. Eeney, Meeny, Miney, Mo!