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Hey there, little fist humper. I am Miss Casey, your dream come true, or perhaps your sexiest nightmare. Be prepared to have your self esteem (given you even have any), taken down a few notches. I have even made boys cry. Oh yeah. Believe me,there is nothing funnier than seeing a grown, stupid ass man in a slutty princess costume crying so hard his mascara is running down his fat face. No, its not that I am a crazy bitch. I just think it's hysterical to be able to get inside a guy's head and use all of his fantasies against him.

There are so many ways to take you down and make you feel like the worthless worm you really are. Simply laughing at you for being a perverted jerk-off junkie is so much fun. Yes,when it comes to stroking your pathetic excuse for man meat you are an overachiever. How many times is this today? your 5th? 6th? more? LOL small dicks, pain sluts, 2 pump chumps, body worship and more. Role plays are fun too. Fucking your loser dick while physically and verbally abusing you is one of My faves.

I will tease, taunt and manipulate every deep, dark secret in that disgusting little brain of yours. you will then become mine to serve, entertain and abuse. I may sound like I care about you, BUT I don't. I will laugh at you while taking your money and you will LOVE every minute of it.