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I love having you prepare my bath, and the rose petals in the water were so special. Oh and now you want to massage me from head to toe, rubbing smooth delicious brown sugar body cream over my entire gorgeous body, until I am totally relaxed and silky smooth. The sexy La Perla lingerie you have laid out for me on the bed is absolutely perfect for romance and sex. Mmmm thanks for the delicious champagne, chilled to perfection. You are so wonderful to me!

Now go let my stud in the door. You didn't think all these preparations were for you, did you? Haha. Oh now, little one, don't get me wrong. I love how you pamper and serve me, and buy me expensive gifts. You will certainly be allowed to continue doing that. However, you will no longer be welcome in my bed. My sweet little pussy is just not getting what she needs. I NEED to cum. A LOT. You and your mini-me are just no longer cutting it. I have decided to take on lovers. Yes, LOVERS. Plural.

Stop whining!

You can watch and I might even let you participate. You will actually get to hear what it sounds like when I am fucked by a REAL man. I might let you unwrap my bull for me. I can even let you perform "clean up" duty. LOL. If you are very good and generous, I might even let you diddle your pathetic cock while you watch. See it won't be so bad. You still get to have Me to admire.