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I know you think you've had real humiliation before, but you haven't. Up until now, you've just been fucking around and playing at it. But this time, you've finally met your match. I'm the Princess who'll rip down all your defenses, tear you apart verbally, and then, maybe, put you back together like *I* want you to be. If you're lucky, that is.

I like laughing at your tiny dick, of course, but I'm not one to concentrate on the obvious. Ok, so you're short, fat, bald, and not exactly blessed in the penis department. You know this. I know this. So what's the point in only talking about those things? I mean, yeah, it's funny, but I get bored really fast.

That's when I move on to other things...things you may not have realized about yourself, but things that will humiliate you to the very depths of your soul once Princess points them out to you.

THAT'S what humiliation is all about! It's not about what makes you blush or what makes your dick hard. It's about what puts you in your place, beneath your Princess, and makes you realize just how inferior you are!

So if you wanna play with a real Princess, you know what to do. Get on the phone right now, get on your knees--the proper place to be when you speak with me--and call me. You're about to have the best, or worst, depending on your perspective, humiliation experience of your life!