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You really can't figure it out?

If you need your Mistress to spell it out for you I will, but it ?s gonna hurt. Like ripping a band-aid off a scrape, or maybe like a swift kick to your tiny twig of a cock which actually is probably reason #1.

A tiny cock would lead me to stray any day. Have you noticed she feels more like falling into a great canyon than a pussy lately. She's probably out right now with some hot stud with a big, thick, dangling dick.

Maybe even a big, black one.

Or did she even bother to go out? Does she bring them home and make you watch as she gets drilled by real men? Don't take it too personally. She probably just hopes you'll learn a thing or two about how to please her.

LOL. Just kidding. She just wants to humiliate you. And you let her, you pathetic pussy. Which is reason #2. She has a pussy of her own. What does she need you for. Be a man.

Let's explore the many other reasons why she goes out and seeks while you stay home, stroke and call me.