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There is little that makes me laugh harder than having a pathetic loser like you paying me to humiliate you. To take the tiny iota of pride you may have and grind it under my foot like a bug. Seeing you squirm, and blush on webcam. Watching varying expressions of embarrassment cross your face. Knowing that you searched online, found me, read this and chose to pick up the phone and call me. I'm laughing now just thinking about it! A loser like you knows that the only attention he can hope to gain from a Goddess like myself is ridicule. Laughing at your third rate dick, your lack of a sex life, and anything else I find out about that makes you such a super size loser boy. When you laugh along with me, I find that double amusing. Paying me to humiliate you and laughing with me. Oh my God!!!! Too much!

You are precisely the type of puppy boy that gets a big crush on me. Following me around, sending me love notes, asking me out. As if I would date a freaking loser like you! Look at me! Do you really think I would let you put your quivering wet lips on mine? That I would allow you to get that junior whopper there anywhere near my perfect, luscious body? Not going to happen. So you might as well grab the only lifeline I am offering. Humiliation.

Grab that ring and I will pull you on board the Good Ship Ridicule. Where I fire off rapid rounds of mockery and your dicklet fails to salute. A place where you stand all alone, center ring. Taking every barbed insult I hurl your way. Nowhere to run to baby. Nowhere to hide. By the time I am done with you, your baby dick will have retreated inside for safety. Here is how this is going to go. If you have the tiniest willie in the world, send me a pic to my email before you call. Hell yes, I will to see it while I verbally annihilate you. If it is something else about you that just doesn't measure up, tell me. Let?s face it, I will discover it for myself eventually anyway. You can hide baldness with a rug, a flabby body with clothing, but a loser is a loser for the whole world to see! I want to hear every embarrassing moment you have had in your sad little life. Tell me about the women who have laughed at you, fucked you over, and left you for a real man. I could use a good laugh.