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What constitutes a cuckold relationship? Everyone has their opinion, and not all dovetail with Mine. But in My world, a certain dynamic needs to be in place, a certain hierarchy. The one constant is that you, the cuckold, are at the bottom of that hierarchy.

It's not enough, for example, to be a man who likes to share his wife with other men. Swingers do that, too. There must be some inadequacy or failure, whether tangible or intangible, on the part of the cuckold that throws into relief the difference between himself, and the men his wife or girlfriend prefers to fuck. Further, while this inadequacy drives her into another man's arms, the cuckold husband or boyfriend remains monogamous, and sometimes even chaste.

I know there are many of you out there who agree with My assessment. It may be a relationship model you deeply desire. It may be a humiliating reality with which you are struggling to cope. Either way, you've been searching for an understanding ear and an experienced mind to take in your fantasies and fears.

After all, it's not as if you can admit to your friends that you know your wife cheats and that you don't have enough self-respect or power in your relationship to put a stop to it. It's not as if you can casually mention while catching up with a neighbor that you know you can't satisfy your wife, and that therefore, she sleeps with others. And you certainly can't easily tell anyone that a cocktail of jealousy, humiliation, and massive arousal is one that you quaff every day.

But you can tell Me.

You may end up disappointed if you're looking for someone to sympathize with your plight because in all things I believe that the interests, desires, and happiness of Exalted Womanhood is paramount. This means that My take is likely to be that if you find yourself being cuckolded, it's probably your fault. But whether you're celebrating or struggling with the reality of your love life, you will find Me encouraging you to not only surrender to it but to enhance it, to deepen your commitment to your role.

Does this resonate with you, whether painfully, erotically, or both?

Well, now you know where to find Me.