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Thank god for the telephone, huh? It allows you the anonymity you need to confess what a pervert you are, without having to look anyone in the eye while you do it. What other word is there for a "man" whose nether region gets all engorged and tingly at the thought of a beautiful woman coercing him into making a fool of himself for her, either by word or deed? What other kind of person can experience an erection and eyes filled with humiliated tears at the same time? A pervert, that's who.

Normal women would probably recoil from you if you tried to get them to participate in your twisted fantasies or listen to your sordid confessions. Have you tried? Have you done your "regular guy" act, asked a woman on a date, gotten along well, made it official somewhere down the line, thought you were safe to be vulnerable, confessed, and seen her run for the hills? If you have, you've got to tell Me about it because I love a good laugh, especially at your expense!

Maybe you wear your failure on the outside, and therefore would never get the chance to traumatize a "normal woman" with your depravity, because no one will go out with you. Believe me, I understand, but don't think that means you'll experience compassion from Me. I'll probably try to coerce you into showing yourself to Me on webcam, so I can see for Myself what exempts you from the dating pool, and collect another stress-busting laugh! I swear, you bitch boys probably save Me thousands a year on deep tissue massage, just with the therapeutic nature of the laughter you induce!

Anyway, luckily for you, I'm not a "normal" woman, if you haven't figured that out yet. I'm a humiliatrix--a Domme who gets genuine pleasure out of exploiting your uncontrollable need to be made to feel small, ridiculous, and ashamed. We'll start out slowly, because that's the best way for Me to extract the information I need for My good time.

Don't be mistaken, however; just because I love to laugh, it doesn't mean I don't expect you to do what you're told, whether that's to confess or to beg like a dog. You'd be a fool to forget that just because I love to laugh, I'm a stone cold Dominatrix. I don't suffer fools gladly--except when they're the fools I've made.