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When it comes to erotic humiliation there are two kinds of men. Which one are you?

The first kind of man knows that he deserves to be humiliated. He isn't considered anything special by societal standards. He doesn't have the looks or the cash or the drive like some men. Therefore he knows he isn't worthy of grabbing the attention of a woman like me. He spends a lot of time fantasizing about what he would do with me if only he could have me for just a day.

The second kind of guy has it all. According to popular opinion, he is the epitome of what a real man should be, but deep down inside he knows he is a fraud. He's really just the first guy only dressed up in a flashy suit, and therefore, he too is undeserving of my attention.

The fortunate thing is a woman of my caliber actually does have time for you. I have a very heavy desire to pull you close, whisper in your ear, and push all of those buttons that make you squirm. With every string of words I weave together, you will feel that wall you put up begin to crumble. The shame and embarrassment brought on by the truth will make you moan and whimper as you sink deeper into the depths of humiliation's pull.

It's ok. You can cry if you want to. Just know that it's my party and you'll leave when I'm done with you.