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Your wife has a secret...

Oh you poor thing. You're completely out of the loop. You've had your suspicions for some time now, but it's finally starting to sink in, isn't it? Your wife has been coming home later and later. She's even stopped wasting your time with excuses as to why. It's as if she doesn't care what you think about her behavior of late. Here's the shocker. She doesn't.

Face it. You haven't been intimate with her for a very long time. Did you think she was just going to sit idly by in her sexual boredom? Wake up. You're not that foolish. Why else would she be looking more attractive than usual lately? The key word is ATTRACTION. She's looking to draw in a hot bullstud who can give her everything she desires.

Think about it. Why would she settle for you when she can have a strong, virile lover who is twice, maybe even three times the man you are. Maybe he'll even be younger than you. So yes, you are officially a cuckold. The question is, are you going to sit there and pout about it or are you going to take matters into your own hand and jerk off while you imagine what she's doing with him right now?

There's no going back. Once your hot wife has experienced that sexual reawakening, there's no way she's going back to you. The only thing you need to ask yourself now is what are her plans? Will you become a cuckold in chastity? Will she turn you into her cuckold fluffer? There are just so many possibilities. I can help you sort through them all.

Call me and let me help you get adjusted to your new life.