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I know that you've known about my little escapades for a while. Knowing that when I come home late at night and you are on your knees just licking my pussy nice and clean for me, puts a nice little smirk on my face.

If you want to clean up this beautiful pink pussy anymore, then you are going to have to participate. I want you to go out and find me all those big cocks to fuck. I don't care if it's your boss, best friend or brother as long as it's a big cock then I want it.

Humiliating, you say? I would just like to see the looks on their faces and hear their laughter when you approach them about fucking your girlfriend because you can't please her. But that doesn't seem to be too bad compared with NOT getting a taste of it ever again! Now does it?

Or how about the look on your face when I tell you to clean them up too? I???m sure you would look so cute on your knees cleaning up a nice big cock. That picture in my mind is enough to keep me giggling for quite a while!

It boils down to this - keep me happy and fulfilled with cock (large cock of course), whenever I want it and I'll let you stick around. And if you make me very happy I might just let that pathetic cock of yours cum every once in a while.

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