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I know it's really difficult to admit how much humiliation arouses you, but I don't feel sorry for you one bit. I'm not going to apologize for how much I love pleasing myself with your embarrassment.

The thing I love most about humiliating you is how conflicted you are while I do it. You're appalled at all of the things I say to you. You want to hang up the phone. Why would you ever allow another living being speak to you like this?

And yet, you do not hang up the phone, and you don't say one word to contradict anything I say. Why? Because your cock loves what I am telling you. Your cock loves me.

It doesn't matter if you hate me, because your cock thinks I'm wonderful, and at times like these, your cock calls all the shots. Your cock is your greatest weakness.

Your cock makes you pathetic. Your cock makes you a fraction of a man. Your cock is a drooling dimwit leading you around.

Your cock doesn't even care that I insult it, think less of it. It stands up like a proud little soldier, saluting me--and betraying you.

Let's face it. Your options for pleasing me with a stupid cock like that are quite limited. Your only hope is offering yourself for my amusement and my abuse.

Lucky for you, I'm always in the mood to be amused by a disappointing penis like yours. How will you make me laugh this time? What tricks will your wee wee do for Mistress?

I know you want to please me with your cock. Call me now and show me how much!