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Yes, my love, your wife is planning a night out. You watch her wash herself with her favorite perfumed soap, and as her nipples grow darker in the hot water, you imagine her lover sucking them into his mouth as his hand spreads her thighs and his fingers penetrate her beautiful wet folds.

She called you after she left the bar with him and said she was going to suck his cock in his car on the way back to his apartment. His cock is huge and she cannot take it all in her throat. You stroke yourself, edging, as you imagine her gagging noises and his hand on the back of her head as that fucking bull enjoys your wife's pretty little face.

You know that his cock is going to stretch her beyond anything she has ever felt before. He will have her on her knees, holding her hips as he plows into her. She'll suck him some more, licking his precum mixed with her gushing juices off his massive meat.

Her fuck buddy will shove her back on the bed, spread her legs wide open and position them on his shoulders. He'll enter her slowly, because he knows going balls deep into her tight pussy is going to be delicious. She'll moan as he slithers inside her, inch by inch.

Your wife will cum hard as the bull begins to fuck her deeply, and she'll squirt her juice on her lover. He's drenched in her satisfaction, and it drips off his balls. Finally, he will begin to cum inside your beautiful bride. His balls contract, squirting rope after rope of his creamy seed inside your beloved's pussy.

You cum as you imagine that massive cock withdraw from your wife's wet sloppy cunt, her lover's sperm oozing from her sweet hole.

Whether real or fantasy, my dear, I understand that for you the feeling of your dear sweet slut wife fucking another makes your brain pulse. The jealousy is like a drug to you, and as soon as she comes home from one tryst, you are planning the next one. No, you are not alone; hundreds of men have discovered how intoxicating the cuckold lifestyle can be.

I understand the cuckie mind. I know that the agony is sweet; what BDSM is to the body, cuckolding is to the mind. Your humiliation excites you. You need it, crave it, are addicted to it.

I can help you deepen your pleasure if you're fortunate enough to live the cuckold lifestyle.

If this lifestyle is but a mere fantasy, let's explore it completely and maybe talk about how we can make your dream a reality.

I know what you need, my love. Call me and let me give it to you.