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Has your wife, lover or girlfriend been a little scarce lately? If you haven't paid attention it's quite possible that you are in the process of being replaced! How long do you think a woman can remain in a cock-starved state? Without having that tedious conversation with you about what you are lacking; watch her actions, they'll speak in volumes.

Knowing one's deficiencies and weaknesses you should know what's going on. Whispery telephone calls, more frequent nights out on the town, coming home all hours of the night and early mornings. Sound familiar? Get ready for the unspeakable to happen. A passive, sorry, pathetic man can no longer call the shots, so sit back and listen up for your new role in life.

As a woman who has made the decision to cuckold her mate, I know you're walking on a very thin line. It is your priority to satisfy her needs no matter the request. Some of which may involve the following:

*Preparing your mate to have a night out with her Bull
*Watching your mate make love with her Bull
*Aiding the Bull in penetrating your mate
*Performing sexual favors for the Bull
*Playing clean up boy at anyone's request She will feel no mercy or regret when it comes to degrading you, you deserve it. Cuckolding ones mate is something to be proud of. Stay in your lane and behave yourself like good little Cucky's do.

If you think for one second or are a little tentative about whether you are being cuckolded, don't hesitate to call. I would love to discuss and conjure up Cuckold Fantasies for us to enjoy.