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Humiliation is a feeling that every man on earth should feel at one point in their lives. Do you remember the very 1st time you were humiliated? Where you were? Who left you with that crippling experience? I would love to hear about your experience, allowing you to relive them with a fresh new twist! Humiliation is such a unique, fun fetish; there are so many ways to get the same result. The thought of having you groveling, begging and pleading amuses me. I could never respect or take a waste of sperm such as you seriously.

Prepare yourself for degradation, embarrassment and shame. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? I sincerely hope your endurance is up to par, I don't do quickies! Get yourself together, relax and put aside some quiet time for you and me. I never rush putting sorry men in their place; it's very satisfying to see your pain over a duration of time. There is absolutely NO talking over me, so listen carefully and do as you're told. Soon I will have you ritualized; there will be no safe words or negotiations. I can smell submission in the air! Verbal belittlement, Coerced repetition, Coerced flattery, Mockery, Servitude, Kneeling Cum Circles, Penetration, Public ejaculation and Feminization are just a few ways that I can choose to humiliate you ~ grin!. Hopefully all you habitual humiliation whores are just a dial away. I guarantee I will find your trigger, so just confess your weaknesses from the very beginning. Why delay totally being humiliated? I need a good laugh!