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Hi honey... just calling to tell you I'm just finishing up yet another late night business meeting with Travis. I'll be home soon. I hope you get this message. Love you.

Baby, it's so good to be home. These long work nights seem to be getting even longer. Let me get undressed. Now scoot over, please, so I can crawl in bed. I sure could use a nice back rub. Ahhh... that's nice... your hands feel so good. A little higher... yes, right there.

I think we need to talk about something. Well, you know how I love sex every day, and you like it twice a week, right? Well, the nights I don't think I'm going to get it from you, I get it from Travis before I come home. You don't seem too surprised. You figured it out already, didn't you? Well, baby, he is amazing in bed and he has a cock I can only describe as "perfect," and he knows what to do with it. It was quite the challenge to deep throat it the first few times we we're together.

Last night when we made love after I came home late, you told me how extra wet I was, remember? Well, I had been with Travis and came home with a pussy full of his cum. But once again,baby, I think you already knew that too.

Now you're the one that I love... I just need more sex,baby, bottom line. I will always come home at night where I belong I promise. We can sit on the couch with a glass of wine, your hand up my skirt, resting on the crotch of my soaking wet lacy panties, as I tell you every detail about what Travis and I just did. I won't leave anything out, I can only imagine the erection you'll sprout baby.

Look at you now... you're rock hard! You like hearing all about it, don't you? Crawl between my legs and lick me to orgasm, baby; be my little clean up boy, tasting his cum and mine. Oh, I have never seen you so aroused and turned on, baby! I think I may bring Travis home some night so you can see his cock deep inside of me, let you be part of it.

Well, I'm so glad we talked, but I'm very tired and need sleep. What? No, honey, I'm way too tired to do that tonight. I will make you cum sometime tomorrow, I promise. Kiss me? sweet dreams.....