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You love having the lady in your life get fucked by someone else.

You're not entirely sure how long you've thought about it, dreamed about it, or how many loads you've blown rubbing off to it...all you know is you can't stop imagining her with her thighs spread wide, her eyes glazed with lust, moaning and panting as a stud fucks her over and over, plunging his long hard cock into her soaking wet little pussy, until you can practically taste the sex in the air, hear the rhythmic groans of the mattress, the rustle of the sheets, feel your dick getting harder as you stroke while as he rams her deeper, faster, until her screams of ecstasy echo in your ears....

You adore knowing that someone else is pleasing her, inside of her, taking what's yours.

You love knowing she's completely satisfied; even if you're not the one riding her. Perhaps you simply wanted to spice things up, and you didn't want to miss a single moan, movement, or moment. You wanted to see she looks like when she's turned on, kissed, caressed, sucked, and fucked. You wanted to watch, or you wanted her to give you a play by play recap, or maybe simply listen hidden just outside the door...and you got far more than you bargained for.

Perhaps you simply want her satisfied in ways that you could never fulfill.

Maybe you simply don't measure up, you don't last long enough...or there might be nothing wrong with the equipment, but you simply can't make her cream and scream the way she wants. Whatever the reason...she finds you inadequate. You simply aren't man enough. You can't give her the fucking she deserves; so she'll find someone else to take your place. Someone else to have in her bed, in her arms, inside that warm wet mouth and pussy...and perhaps she'll even take you on a cuck hunt to assist in choosing the stud.

Perhaps you see it a free pass to explore some desires of your own.

Deep down, you're hoping if your wife brings home her bull that she'll decide to put you to use. You crave the sweet humiliation and emasculation of serving them however they see fit, the glorious sting of submission as you drop to your knees, or even on all fours, knowing that your wife won't be the only one getting fucked tonight. Knowing that finally, finally, all those unspoken desires about what it's like to suck a cock, taste it, feel it sliding in and out of you will come true...Maybe she'll even dress you up, slick your lips with gloss, paint your face, and explain that tonight you're going to be the fuckdoll sissy hostess. It's your job to get her stud ready, and it's your job to lick up all the creampie when they're done. You've got two beautiful holes to fill, dear...and I know exactly how to put them to good use.

Let's explore your wildest cuckold fantasies together...



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