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How is that for a greeting? You come home early from work to find a strange car in your driveway. Upon walking into the house you hear your wife moaning in ways you never have before. Creeping up the stairs, you can't decide if the pounding of your heart or the pounding of the headboard against the wall is louder. Your bedroom door is ajar.

You look inside and see another man fucking your wife. Her nails scratching down his back as he plunges his big cock in and out of her pussy. And what a cock! It is as long and thick as her forearm. Even from across the room the scent of sex fills your nostrils and you can tell that your wife's pussy is wetter than you have ever felt it. She thrashes her head back and forth in ecstasy, suddenly she catches sight of you. Your eyes lock. A sly smile creeps across her face. You've been caught. You realize that you have been stroking yourself, though you do not remember precisely when you began. You wife's smile is replaced with a perfect "O" shape as her lover thrusts more vigorously. His pace increases. From his grunts and groans you can tell he is getting closer and closer to climax. With one final thrust he shoots his load into your wife's pussy and they collapse together. After a few moments your wife whispers something into her lover's ear. He slides off and pulls out of her. Your wonderful, beautiful, precious wife then swings her legs to the side of the bed and moves to the edge. She opens her legs wide and you can't look away from her creamy cum filled pussy.

It's not her fault... not really. I mean a woman has needs and you were just never able to fulfill them. She just had to go out and get a real man to fuck her and take care of those needs. I know it can be a hard cookie to swallow... Give me a call and let's talk about it.



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