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I know you've questioned your manhood before; why worry about it now? I'm imagining you naked, confessing to me the years of insecurity you've suffered because of your tiny, tiny penis.

I know you would never be doing this if you weren't being forced. Don't worry, it isn't your fault. Do you feel like you're going to cry? Are your tears flowing? Soon you will be crying like a bitch.

I want to help you find your direction. I'm sure you will be a good boy and do as you are told. With the right incentives, we sometimes can do so much more than we might believe.

First I want you to admit you have a small dick, because this will lower the expectation I may have about your cock size.The second is to concentrate on oral sex. You know already you are not able to please me with your dick, so the next best thing is to use your tongue to make the pussy cum.

Are you fantasizing about watching me get fucked by a well-endowed man, seeing that large cock go so deep inside places that you could only dream of going? Don't you fantasize about watching my curvy body squirm around in pleasure as a man (with a cock far superior to yours), penetrates me deeply?

It must be difficult for you, struggling with the idea that "real" men are always up for fucking. Tell me what's your explanation for lack of desire? Is it lack of equipment?? Ha!