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Are you ready for that cuckold lifestyle? I know you've had a secret fantasy, over and over again. It's about your wife, courted by and making love with two male guys,as you look on. In this delicious fantasy, she is the center of attention and affection, and the more pleasure she experiences the happier both men seem to be. And if you're good, just maybe, you'll have secondary sex with her, perhaps getting sloppy seconds as a special treat.

The thought of your wife screwing both men only adds enthusiasm and frequency to your own sexual adventures, doesn't it? Don't you want to prolong these unbelievably sinful, voyeuristic thoughts and have the ever-increasing excitement of this moment go on for as long as possible?

Allow me to lay out the foundation for your sexual experimentation. I want your mind to wander into sexual fantasy oblivion, for you to become sexually aroused, so overcome with primal desires that you become helpless to stop them or yourself. Together we will explore the thought of another man satisfying your wife, pleasing her like no other. His cock is probably 2 to 3 inches bigger than yours... and you thought yours was big?

Oh, I can just see how hard you're little cock is, just thinking about this. You're just a little cuckold at heart. Is your body pulsing with arousal? It should be! I want you to visualize the overflowing pool of cum in her pussy. Is your body tensed, almost in pain, but a pain that really borders on extreme pleasure?!? I want that spurt to be the largest you've had, and its explosive force to leave your knees weak and you feeling light-headed.

Call me and we'll make it happen.