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How can you please me, little slave? Most importantly, are you ready to entertain and amuse me? I require absolute submission, and you'll never think of standing up for yourself because you just don't have the balls. I can't wait to settle into your subconscious so that I may break you down and reduce you to nothing. That's what you are, you know. You're worthless without me, and I don't even have to tell you.

I know that you wish you could be smarter, stronger, sexy and popular. You fail miserably at every attempt, so you just gravitate to those that have what you don't. That's why it's so easy to push you around! I know your mouth will water just hearing about the cocks I've had this week, and that it excites you to imagine all my pretty girlfriends laughing at you, pulling out their phones to snap pics of you in sissy clothes. That's really sad, pansy boy.

You should know that my favorite slaves are devoted drones that live to please me. Would you like to be counted among them? I would encourage it, as it might give your life some purpose. Check your individuality at the door, because you won't need it. I'm not interested in who you are. You're just a tool to be used for my purpose, and thrown away when I have no more use for you. You just might fall in love with me, but prepare for me to twist you. You are, after all, my puppet and my plaything. When it comes to exploiting you, I always win.