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Cuckold fantasies generally start out one way in your mind and can end up being very different than expected. I understand this all too well. You see, I have been in a cuckold relationship before and can tell you that it starts out all fun and games, until you end up being utterly humiliated! You are painfully aware of who wears the pants in this relationship. Now , you realize it isn't you. If you were the man to really satisfy her, would you even be doubting your sexual ability?

Every man dreams of having a hot trophy wife with long legs and a tight body. Most men do not imagine they will get to a point where they are not having sex with their trophy wife! This is how cuckold fantasies can go completely wrong. Why should a woman save her warm, juicy pussy for your unimpressive penis? Don't worry your pretty little head at all--she won't. A Black bull with a ten inch cock is the one she will choose to satisfy her . You can keep paying for all the sexy panties and bras that he gets to take off! She will use the Amex Black Card for all of those hotel room fuckfests.

Cuckolds do get some perks, though because hot wives love to bring the well-endowed studs home just to let you know what really gets them off! Too bad your cuckold fantasies will probably end in denial. As soon as you see his rock hard black cock sliding inside her dripping wet cunt, your little dickie starts to leak but you are not allowed to stroke. Watch him pull all eleven inches out of that dripping wet slit, just so you can suck his bulbous, plum cock head. Sucking it is cuckie's job, not hers. Since you're the bitch , your throat gets fucked! Watch as he pounds her, making her coat his cock with so much slippery girl goo in a way you never could. Her fertile pussy needed to feel him shoot his black cock cream deep inside. Come over here, get on your knees and clean all his potent creampie out of that delicious, gaping pussy hole. Now, swallow honey! There is nothing like sloppy seconds. Get used to this because this is how your sex life-or lack thereof will be. Are you surprised your cuckold fantasy ended this way? I'm not. I could have told you it only ends a few ways and none of them are what you imagined. Keep the faith though, I'll make you stroke for me:)



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