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Look at me. No, really it's okay look at me. What do you see? Is your answer a beautiful, sensual, superior female? That's right. So, what does that mean for you? It means for you that you will never get near this perfect body LOSER. I am surprised you wasted time even thinking that a girl like me would entertain advances from a man like you! OMG! Don't make me laugh so hard it hurts my sides!

Pathetic!! That is what you are. I wonder what makes you that special kind of pathetic. Too submissive and you want to be a real man?

Are you the owner of a small dick? Ouch that has to hurt knowing you are a half man.

Disgusting! I still can't believe you're reading this; you know I don't think highly of you. If you call I will just find what makes you hurt and make it worse. I will laugh at you, humiliate you and the sound of my laughter will haunt your dreams. I am devious and truthful. If you are a pathetic idiot I am going to let you know. If you have a small dick, I will never tell you that you will be able to please a woman. I will not lie to you. You are so pathetic I would not put out the energy to tell you what you want to hear I will tell you how it is. That most likely, you are a worthless piece of small dick trash that isn't worth my time. Hopefully, I will feel sorry for you and give you the time of day when you call.