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When it comes to humiliation I often ask my pets a number of questions to get a feel for what will amuse and entertain me while simultaneously heightening the heat of your arousal to levels you never thought you'd reach. There is a different trigger or hot button for every humiliation whore and I want to find yours and not just press it but pound it!

Here are a few to consider precall:

-Do you know how to define your hard vs. soft limits? This is something very important to consider in any kind of fetish, but most definitely humiliation. Hard limits are always respected but soft limits can and will be open to fiddle with like the dials of a radio 😉

-What is the most humiliating experience you have ever had? Was is accidental or something you did purposefully and at the prodding of a femdom?

-Imagine and describe what would be your wet dream of erotic embarrassment? Are interested in public humiliation or pure fantasy? How badly did this situation make you hard and slick?

-Now, most importantly, are you ready to go even farther into your erotic excitement this time?

*Recommended reading is on under the tab of "About Me" & "Session Tips"

There are no right or wrong replies but if the answer is "yes" to the first and last questions and you have a few examples for the middle ones, well then I think you may be ready to proceed so let's have some fun. Bonus points if you can make me laugh.