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So how did a good girl like me, that no one even would guess is an auditory arousal artisan, become a kinky queen of cuckolding?

It all started with my ex-boyfriend. He was my first love, albeit puppy love, but it was no less intense or virulent despite my age. He was almost a decade older than me at the time. We dated for a bit before, then after a night of partaking of mixed drinks and movies, I asked him to confess some of his wildest fantasies. I was young and inexperienced, so I always tried to impress him with a willingness to eagerly entice and whet his insatiable appetite for women.

So it was an innocent enough origin as I was just hoping to arouse my man any way possible. When he mentioned how hot it would be to see me with another man, at first I was insulted. After all I wanted to just be with him so why would he even dream of sharing me?

Fast forward a few months later, when I found out he had an eye for anything in a skirt that walked by. I subconsciously but rather abruptly went from wearing conservative clothes to skimpy risque outfits any time we went out together. This way I noticed his eyes, though full with a twinge of jealousy, were sure to be on me and not hanging out of his head and following every other girl in the vicinity of his peripheral vision.

The ensuing intoxication of that thrill of making his stormy gray eyes green with envy, was immediately addictive and let's just say that, while that relationship ended, it was the beginning of a livelong love of making men sweat when they see me being noticed and enjoyed by other men. It's rather poetic justice suitable for the man with the roving eye don't ya think? If only he knew what I was doing now, and how many guys are gifted with what he didn't know how to properly appreciate. He'd be highly turned on and yet sorely lusting for my charms. Want to help me further fuel his fire? Or are you my next cuckold victim? Call me for more details of my ensuing exploits.



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