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Kay Marie

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Long gone are the days that it was the little woman sitting at home wondering where her man was and what had kept him out so late. Now it is you... the little man... sitting at home wondering what has kept her away. But really, you're not wondering. You know. You know what it is. It is a big rock hard dick that belongs to someone else.

Maybe at first you thought you would feel enraged. How dare she? Yet, you didn't, did you? You were turned on. Did you think about her mouth on that big cock? Did you picture her legs spread open with his cock buried deep in her and begging for more? You don't want that image out of your head... you want to relive it over and over again.

Then you thought, has she ever begged for you? Hell, does she even want you to touch her? Why would she? But would she let you watch? Would she let you taste her afterwards?

Now your cock is hard. That pathetic little cock, that does not do anything for anyone, can only get hard at the thought of her being fucked by another. Is she being fucked now? Is she on her knees gagging on his cock? Or is she home peacefully sleeping, after being throughly used by him? Can you smell him on her?

Call me. I'll take you there and so much more.