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Oh My God! I cannot believe there are so many of you guys out there who just want to be part of my sexcapades! I LOVE sex, and while I can be a cock tease, if I find the right man, I only want to tease them enough to get them inside me.

I do love to fuck, but it has to be the right guy. And I have rules!

1. The right guy has a dick that is longer than ?average? and it is thick too!
2. The right guy has a cock that has stamina and can go for more than one round in a night! I prefer a few rounds!
3. The right guy is SURE to make me cum first and last.

Of course, to really make the grade for that treat, you need to be special. I am a bit of a size queen! So, if you are a pencil dick, don't think I'm going to be with you. Oh, and I like to go all night long, so if you are quick on the trigger, too bad!

I have found the guys with the best cocks who are able to go for a marathon sex session and leave me exhausted are around my age, maybe a bit older. So if you are like, I don't know, over 35?, you are just going to have to settle for being my cuckold.

That's all right though, isn't it? You'll still get to make your Princess happy, right?