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A cocktease who humilates you? I'll bet you weren't expecting that, were you? Did you think I would just tease and deny you, keep that cum locked up in your balls and not say anything about how silly and pathetic I think it is that you just cannot control your own jerking off? How you have had to turn to a cockteasing Princess like me to keep you dick under control? I mean, who does that?

Why would you play with that thing anyway? It is not like it is big enough to wrap your whole hand around. What is that - just your index finger and thumb? Seriously, is it even 3 inches? Please tell me that is not as hard as it gets. I do not know, that thing kind of leaves me pleased and disappointed at the same time. Pleased that it is completely hard, that I do that to you, but disappointed that it is so...small.

Now you are are telling me you want to make it up to me? How's that? You want me to dress you up in panties, bra and thigh highs and teach you how to suck cock? Wow, slut, that really is pathetic. You have to be the ugliest girl I have ever seen - five o'clock shadow, beer belly hanging out and those hairy legs! Well, there are some guys I know who do like a "natural" woman. Nobody I would be with, but I guess I could throw them a bone..or a boner!

I do enjoy humilaition, but don't expect me to yell and scream at you. I find it so much more effective when I tell you what a slut you are, how disappointed I am in you with my sexy, Princess voice. So go ahead, give Princess Kellie a call and let us see how much salty I can make you feel. (That's Illinois slang for embarrased loser!)