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Aww, sweetie, did you think I was getting all dressed up for you? You thought these sexy little thongs and little black dress was all for you? How cute. No they are for our handsome neighbor who is coming over tonight. Remember him? He was the kind fellow who changed my tire the other day. He had big strong hands and a big strong cock to match. I know you saw it too... who could miss that thick bulge in his jeans?

You misunderstood me when I said there would be some changes in our relationship. When I said I wanted more sex and better sex. I didn't mean with you! So I invited him over tonight to give an extra special thanks.

It must be such a burden struggling to be something you're not. Knowing deep inside, you will never add up. Unfortunately for you, there is no cure for a small penis. The little blue pills in your pocket and the penis pump hidden under the bed were just simple distractions from the truth. Trust me I'm doing you a huge favor and now you can focus on the things that you are really good at, like spoiling me!

There's a reason I'm attracted to the large bull cock of a dominant man. Why I love the feel of him spreading my legs and stretching my pussy with his large bull cock. I can't help it no more than you can help being turned on by it. Lol, yes I know the idea of it excites you.

I'm not going to leave you out entirely. You can stand in the corner and masturbate while you watch!



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