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I was a submissive to a deep-voiced Dom. We met on the Internet and I immediately fell in love with his BDSM style, bondage and making me do assignments for him between chat sessions and phone calls. We would talk for hours on the phone. I was totally his slave. I obeyed his every desire... putting nipple clamps on for an hour... using the handcuffs he sent me, jangling them for him to hear over the phone.

After about six months of my serving him, we decided to see each other in person, so he paid for me to fly to San Francisco from Miami and he put me up in a wonderful hotel, paid for all meals, bought me a computer (this was before we all had laptops) and rented me a car. While he was at work, I got to go all over San Francisco with another slave friend who happened to live there.

When we were first together to have sex, we were taking our clothes off and WHAT do I SEE?!?! A tiny, little, floppy piece of skin that is supposed to be his dick with two marbles for testicles. I busted out laughing and he was horrified. "What the fuck is that?!" I laughingly asked.

Immediately, he had become my submissive. He who had been so strong in his Dom-ness was crushed down to a whimpering slave in my hands. The sex turned into a humiliation session where, instead of my serving him, the rest of my San Francisco vacation, he served me.

When you call Mistress Daphne, you will experience some hellacious humiliation. You deserve everything you get.