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"C'mere, pet, come clasp my necklace on me."

The naked man hopped up off the bed and dashed to the vanity area, going right for the dangling heart necklace he had given her for their anniversary yesterday. Twelve years. It had gone so fast! After putting the clasp together, he kissed her neck gently. She whirled around, pulling herself away from him. "You weren't asked for a kiss! What do you think you are doing?"

"Sorry, Mistress. I was just... just...."
"Don't do it again. I am getting ready to go and want to focus on what's coming my... er... our way."
She turned towards him, facing him square on. "Are you sure you're going to enjoy this? We've planned it out for months, but this is ground zero... are you ready?"
"Absolutely, love. I can't wait to see you later tonight."
"Okay, so make sure to answer your phone on the first ring this evening and you will be able to hear what we're doing on the way home. Do not masturbate; just listen. When you hear me downstairs, you are to go behind the curtains and stay there. You are permitted to peek out the hole we cut in the one curtain, but otherwise, stand still. I haven't decided whether I will tell my Bull you are there or not, so don't disclose yourself." He was hard, all three-inches of him. She laughed and gave it a little tug.

"It will be so nice to be fucked by a real man tonight."

"I hope he's nine-inches long and fulfills you in all ways."

"Oh, he will be. I won't bring him home until I've sucked him off and been able to measure him myself. I can't wait until you hear me sucking his cock. Okay, heading out!"

She clicked out of the house, wearing her swishy dress with thigh-high stockings and stiletto heels, click, click, click down the wooden stairs and out the door. He sat down on the vanity table chair and waited, letting his imagination run away with him.

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