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You've been dreaming about that one out of body experience. You know - watching your significant other get pounded by another man. Hearing her wail like a banshee, a sound you're not too familiar with. We both know you've never been able to make your woman cum the way another man could. You've been questioning the authenticity of her orgasms since the first time you two slept together. Now you have your answer and more than anything all you want is to hear, smell & watch her have a genuine explosion.

You already know the type of man that is perfect for getting her off... He's the complete opposite of you. His cock is not only superior to yours, it's magnificent. His physique and stride is one of a thoroughbred compared to your mutt like qualities. You may belong to her, but in this very moment she belongs to him? and simply by proxy, he owns you as well.

Just reading this has made your entire body go limp, with the exception of one particular appendage growing hard. You yearn to be a cuckold. Though never said out loud, I'm sure the voice in your head is screaming "YES". Why hold it in? I want to hear all about it... discuss it... reenact it... relish in the parallel universe known as your ultimate fantasy. Hmmmm, we may even figure out how to make this into a reality. The choice is yours...