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Mmmm - I can smell your pussy from here; almost mistook you for a woman, actually. There is no way in hell a pathetic, feeble little person like you could be a man. Hahaha, I can't stop laughing at how sad you look right now - glued to your computer screen, reading my words with tears welling up in your eyes. It's funny because you know what I've said thus far is ALL TRUE!

So you have your pants down already, eh? Is that it??? Is that little piece of skin protruding between your legs your penis? Hahaha, for a moment I thought it was an oversized clit! Oh, thank you so much for that hearty laugh! I haven't met a pitiful little man like you in all my life! You have to tell me your secret? do you look at your reflection in the mirror and give yourself a little pep talk before facing the world? I bet you do that every day, don't you? Awwww, you can tell me? do you do it at work too? Hype yourself to be around people that are better than you? Trying to make yourself have worth?

News flash: YOU'RE INSIGNIFICANT! You have no value, my dear wannabe friend? And now you're here wondering if I'll be your new pal, because nobody else wants you. Ugh, I really don't want to waste my breath talking on the phone to your kind. But alas, I need a little comedy in my life - even if that means talking to a tragic little loser like you.

You're still here? Why the hell haven't you called yet? Such a failure you are? *sigh*