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Imagine your gorgeous wife invites you out on a surprise dinner for two. You're so excited because the two of you haven't spent much time together lately, let alone been intimate, and you get all dressed up and ready to spend a wonderful night with her, thinking she's got something sexy and intimate planned for both of you.

That is until you get to the restaurant, and there's three seats at the table instead of two, and a strange, devastatingly handsome man sitting at the table, being very flirty and chatty with your wife.

You're confused, bewildered even, and as you approach the table, your wife turns to you and smiles. This was just the beginning of life as you knew it, changing for you. Turns out your loving wife loves cock, just not yours. You may have heard the term "size queen" before. Like your wife, and so many other women I know, I love a nice, long, girthy dick. I have absolutely no use for tiny cocks, or skinny, inadequate penises, and I've made that clear on many occasions.

To be honest, if I wanted a mushroom cap, I can get a can of those at the supermarket. However you should not despair, my vienna sausage sized compadre, there is a use for you. Yes, but of course! How could you not have thought about this before? Men like you were born to be cuckolds, and I can guarantee you that your life will be so much better if you just accept the fact that this is the role you were meant to play.

For some men, this can be hard pill to swallow, and for others, they find they are secretly aroused by the thought of being cuckolded by a beautiful women. Be it a wife, girlfriend, secretary. Submitting to a dominant woman and her bull can change your life. And you never know, you may end up agreeing with everything I've told you, even if you're in denial about it now.



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