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The word cuckold comes from the word cuckoo bird. It lays its eggs in other birds' nests much like a cowbird. The old English word often appears in the plays of Shakespeare and in the medieval poem Owl and the Nightingale. So you see cuckolding has been around for a long time. It's been brought up to date with lots of humiliating additions like SPH, fluffing, cuckold humiliation, big-dicked bull, sissy cuck, walking wallet, and the best of all pathetic cuckold loser.

A cuckold comes in many physical forms except for big-dicked and masculine, however, there are always exceptions to any rule but mostly not in this case. Cucks are generally submissive nerds with lots of money, high intelligence, and under-endowed penises. They can be shy and withdrawn with their heads buried in computer pornography. They are at home with Femdom fantasy and crave FLR lifestyles above all.

How would it be if I were your cuckoldress? I keep the keys to the castle, especially the safe. Often the master bedroom will be off-limits to you. This is my domain and the bull of the moment. You have the little spare bedroom next to mine, close enough to hear the erotic sounds of the bull and me. You have the right to my room only to serve and bring snacks, drinks and cum towels. When I want to torture you, I leave the door ajar so you can witness what a real man is. You are referred to as the omega boy, not even a beta boy. You are at the bottom of the pot. You are also the cleanup boy, changing the soiled sheets and enjoying the cream pie. That is the closest you get to this sacred pussy.

Who am I? I am the beautiful 5'10" blonde goddess who always gets what she wants and needs. The prenup drafted by a mercenary female attorney says I can cuck you whenever I want to with no notice. I always choose the biggest, blackest, and most dominant masculine male or males of my choice. Often I choose two while one rests from my insatiable sexual appetite. If you are lucky enough and I feel generous, you will be allowed to jerk your little dick in the corner wearing sissy lingerie under the condition that you eat that little thimble of cum.

When I am on the prowl, often I am gone for days hunting the best of male studs for my appetite. When I arrive home with the stud on my arm, he pushes you aside to gain dominance. I then order you upstairs to lay out the best lingerie and follow any agenda I have ordered. All of this done with precision, as you are my cuckold slave.



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