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You come home and see your boss sitting on the couch. The shower is running and the smell of an unfamiliar perfume hits your nose. As I turn the water off, I notice you are asking your boss why he's here. I call from upstairs for you to get your boss a drink and set the table for dinner. We only need two settings tonight. I come downstairs in a little black dress, black thigh-highs, heels and the jewelry you bought me for our anniversary. My hair and make-up appear as though I've been in a salon all day ? which I have been, of course. I stare at you wondering why you are still there, but tell you to run along in to the kitchen, make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and grab a glass of water. You will be sleeping in the guest room tonight. Say, ?Yes, Miss Parker.? As you close the door, the last thing you see is me giving your boss a kiss on the lips. ?Close the door, cuckold!?

I know each of you has your own cuckold fantasy, and the part you and I will play within it. Just so you know, though, no matter which roles we play or which scenario turns you on, I can bring that fantasy to life.