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Oh, how cute, you know how to pick up a telephone and dial my number?? Such a big accomplishment for a little, pathetic loser. What, did mommy go grocery shopping and leave you alone in her basement?

Anyway, you decided to call Miss Parker, your relentless Humiliatrix. You know, I have been teasing boys since I was a teen, so it's second-nature. Your precious widdle fee-fee?s, yeah, they mean nothing to me, stupid. The only reason I answer my phone is to laugh at your slavish devotion, so, you are lucky I allow you to debase yourself for my pleasure.

Okay, limp-dick, drop your clothes. Oh no, are you seriously wearing your mother?s panties? Wait, before you take them off say, ?cheese!?

(Giggle) What?s that in your hand? You are actually attempting to stroke that little pecker, and all because I called you stupid and made fun of your granny panties? Go figure, loser. That is beyond pathetic, but the way you are panting is making me laugh. Here, go fetch that dildo with your mouth, you panting bitch. Miss Parker has something else she wants to play (smirk).

Now we both know you are going to make a ?big? mess, but instead of grabbing a tissue to clean up, say ?aaaaahhhhh!?

You are dismissed.