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While relaxing in the shade on a warm spring day, eating lunch, your thoughts are consumed with what your life, specifically your sex life, will become. This weekend's ?events? have been months in the making. Filled trepidation, yet it excites you at the same time.

You remember when your desires overwhelmed and confused you for the first time. You left work early, not feeling well. Sometimes, being in charge just sucks and a well-deserved afternoon off is just what the Dr. ordered.

As you enter your front door, you are assaulted with the sight of your beautiful, raven-haired vixen, nude and engaged with another man.

With a bit of an annoyed tone, she plays it off like you just interrupted high tea. Oh, hi, honey. I was just thanking him for doing what you haven't been able to do. Your mind reeling, a stabbing pain in your heart, you feel sick to your stomach. But as your mind reeled in horror and you were humiliated, you also felt something else, something confusing, disturbing; you felt very aroused!

She told you if you couldn't get the job done, she was going to take matters into her own hands. You had thought she meant a dildo! Sure, not being able to satisfy your wife is embarrassing but what does she want? You are so busy, run ragged with the business, no wonder your fuck stick is more of a limp noodle. When you could get it up, you either came in two pumps, or it was a limp noodle time after a few pumps.

Either way, you couldn't get the job done. You blamed the hours, the stress on your performance issues. Nothing a nice, long vacation can't fix!

Since then, the thoughts, the relentless images assaulted you throughout the day, your wife with another. You play the hurt husband, wronged by his cheating spouse. But you are supportive, understanding and trying to ?move past it?.

Ultimately, though, you acquiesce and tell her she's convinced you that this is the only way to save the relationship. You tell her you understand it's just screwing, what you two have surpasses sex. You will agree to allow her to be sexually satisfied by other men, while you grow the business.

You are still unsure and confused by your desires, and what it might mean about you.

So, for now, you are not ready to tell her how much it really turns you on to know of her dalliances. How you hope to tease a few steaming nuggets of naughtiness from her after her encounters. Your thoughts make you feel humiliated and embarrassed, but at the same time they fuel your growing desires, and they command your prick to rise as you think about watching her and other men. Cum, my precious cuckold, cum and let us explore your fantasy.

How far will you go? Is it just the sex turning you on? Or is it the what the sex means: Humiliation? Hummmm?

Let?s find out. Will you be happy just listening to the dirty details? Will you hide away in another room and watch from your phone, or peek in as the sounds of hot sex compel you to look? Will your desires take you down a path of the ultimate cuckold?

Can you, will you invite/guide a huge a bull?s cock to your own precious wife?s waiting pussy? Mmmmmm, let?s find out...