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There may be many reasons someone is turned on by being humiliated. There are many high powered men in charge who love to beat off while I tell them how disgusting their tiny cock is, or how they are not worthy to worship at my feet.

If you want to find out why this kind of treatment does it for you, find a shrink. But, if you want to play with your desires or explore how far and how much humiliation you can handle, call me. It intrigues and excites me to hear about your fantasy and learn the nuances in this large category of humiliation.

Be seduced and made to worship at my stocking covered leg, like the good stocking slut you are. My whispers follow you through your day, reminding you over and over to submit to the silky leg, to inhale the sweet, musky scent. Over and over, the memory of stockinged legs invades your conscious mind, over and over again. The images flash in your mind and consume you. They taunt you to do it again, touch them, stroke them, wear them.

Or, maybe you think you are an example of the "All American Man". I snicker and sneer at the mention of the title. You are unable to resist my requests. You are a weak and pathetic little man, incapable of giving anyone pleasure. You think you are so strong, so in charge, do you? Well, you rotten maggot, do real men who are in charge lick my sink clean? Do they use their cocks like a scrubbing tool, cleaning my dishes? It thrills me inside to watch crud like you get what you deserve.

Perhaps your penis leaves a lot to be desired. Does your tiny pecker look more like a golf pencil? There is no way you are finding a G-spot or any other spot in ANY vagina with that poor excuse of a cock. But don't fret, I love to tease that baby sized cock, or should I say your ?wanna be cock?? Hell, I've seen clits that would put you to shame, so it can't be called a COCK, can it? That's right, your itty bitty manhood is a wannabe; it wants to be a cock someday! Ha ha!

So, what?s on the menu? Hmmm? Dial me up for your desires. I love to grab hold of your humiliation fantasy and take it and YOU for a ride! Call and tell me your filthy secret.