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Hello Cuckold Fantasy Fans! I'm Mistress Erika and I love cuckolding fantasies and all sorts of erotic chat about the cuckolding lifestyle! Cuckolding is very interesting and challenging on many levels and I know your fantasies of someone making love to your wife are hot hot hot! But why are they hot, what erotic elements are involved? Maybe you've thought "What's wrong with me feeling so aroused over my wife fucking another person?" We can certainly dig into those topics, and I can give you insight from a cuckolding relationship I had previously. I am also armed with information from the many I've spoken with who love cuckolding fantasies or live the cuckolding lifestyle!

Cuckolding, be it fantasy or lifestyle is mired in many myths, the cuckold has a little dick. Or the cuckold struggles with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Some bi-curious guys enjoy cuckolding as testing of their bi-curious desires. After all, You are not "gay" If your wife made you do it, or as a submissive cuckold Mistress made you do it. But regardless of the affliction, or reason the cuckold is seen as "less than".

Other myths revolve around what behavior is expected by the cuckold. My wonderful friend Mistress Olivia and I have a fantastic episode of The Weekly Hot Spot where we discuss cuckold myths.

Since I know that cuckolding is nuanced and usually specific to the fantasy or couple I love hearing about your fantasies, or your experiences with cuckolding. Want to do a cuckolding roleplay? I love it, all I need is a quick conversation at the beginning of our session to get your particulars down. Tell me about any humiliation triggers you might be aware of. What style of cuckold are you? Sensual, no humiliation? Are you a submissive cuckold? Sissy Cuckold? Perhaps you are open-minded and you want to watch! Are you just as attracted to her, and him? Perhaps you are nervous about a new cuckolding dynamic and prefer just to prepare her for her date, and enjoy her erotic story when she comes home.

Whatever your interest is with cuckolding, be it a fantasy, real-time, training, or best friend therapy to help you through your cuckold journey I am here, excited to engage! I know I dropped a little cuckold tease above about a cuckolding relationship I was engaged with. Are you curious about what that could be? You'll have to session to find out, but I will say one thing: I learned a whole lot and my experience can help you!



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