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Awww, that little thing is so cute. Maybe even the smallest little weenie I've ever seen in my entire life. No way you actually use your entire hand to put that little thing away. I mean I am definitely going to need a pair of tweezers myself, plus a magnifying glass to even see the little guy.

Okay, first things first, let???s get something straight. Are you ever going to use that thing for sex? Aside from you giving it a few pulls with your pointy fingers of course. Have you ever thought about getting that thing shaped into a vagina? I mean why not? It's not like it's going to be penetrating a wet pussy anytime soon. At this point, beggars can???t be choosy. You would probably be better off as a woman in my opinion. Wait, I have an even better solution. Getting a vagina might be a little pricey, after all the point is that you can???t do any fucking with that teeny weenie you call a cock so you should really consider getting fucked. No worries though, I have a treasure chest full of strap on toys just for losers like you.

Seriously, I don???t even have the patience for tiny dick losers in my life. The only room I have for whimps like you is laughing my ass off over the telephone at how pathetic you fairies really are. I get to sit back and say all the things you say to yourself while looking in the mirror. I???m getting paid for telling you everything you know all women are saying behind your back, and thinking in their heads. HA HA!! I???m enjoying myself already thinking about how I can???t wait to humiliate your silly ass for hours on end. I could go all night telling you how no woman or man would ever touch that wretched flaccid piece of meat you call a cock. I mean go ahead and call me because as far as I???m concerned I haven???t even begun!