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Growing up, my mama always told me, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Such a contradiction to being taught to tell the truth, isn't it? I mean, I suppose those little white lies to save someone's feelings don't hurt, but it's so much more fun to just unleash the raw, unadulterated truth to men who need to hear it! Don't expect your feelings to be spared by me... if you suck in bed, I'll tell you how worthless you are as a lover, and then enjoy making you watch while a real man takes care of me where you couldn't. If you have a useless dick, I'll make sure I let all of my friends know so that they don't waste their time. Chronic masturbator? Probably because no one else wants to play with your dick!

And I enjoy using you for my amusement. A paper bag over the head while you strip naked and jerk off for me is always good fun. Writing "LOSER" on your body in different shades of red lipstick is hilarious, especially when I take photos on my cell phone and upload them to the internet for use in memes. There really is no end to the depths of my devious mind when it comes to your humiliation, and I look forward to seeing just how far I can take you down the rabbit hole!