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My, oh My, I had NO IDEA that your Wife is such a Black Cock aficionado! While we were in consultation, I brightly suggested to her that she should consider a "Mandingo Party" where she will be serviced by PRIME Cock! She was delighted and accepted my suggestion for this catered affair.

You have been assigned the VIP Balcony so the audience can watch you viewing her! After the "Performance" there will be a light, late Night Supper. Menu still under consideration.

I have a private theatre at "Mayhem Manor," which is used for all sorts of "Theatrical" Events. The head of my Media Staff, Thomas, will be Recording the entire Event.

You will be viewing the Mrs. as she gets on all fours and crawls up to her first Bull, he will be on his back and she will straddle him and start pumping him slowly with her tight little snatch. Then she will be pushed forward from behind by the second Bull and he will proceed to plow her Ass from behind. When he does, her head will be pumped forward onto the third Bull's cock and she will suck him as though it were the last cock on earth. The 4th and 5th Bulls will be sucking her right and left nipples respectively, as they stroke themselves in preparation for each of her hungry holes.

Your shame has become an ART FORM and the Choreography of Black Cock that will be penetrating every willing orifice of the Mrs. is testament to your lack of sexual prowess.

You sensed this. You KNEW this was coming. Your inability to fulfill her desires and her constant sneaking away, to Private Clubs, hidden Alleys, any means necessary to satiate her desire for Huge, Black Cock. The poor THING. Due to your lack of skill in satiating her needs she has even resorted to seeking ANY Cock at Car Washes and Sporting Events. Those Stadium Events have FILTHY Bathrooms, yet she was willing, bless her little Soul, to get any sort of Big Cock that she could within the confines of various Bathroom Stalls and Locker Rooms.

Oh Dear, your pathetic secret of not being able to fulfill your sexual duties will be publicly witnessed AND a digital Masterpiece of this Mandingo Event will be available for everyones streaming pleasure!