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I hosted a fete for all of my Lady friends at "Mayhem Manor," and we were BEYOND amused at your pathetic misadventures exposing that pathetic "Newt" that you call a Cock to the general public.

Thank GOD, Thomas so artfully wired you for sound and Video. Your pathetic and minuscule misadventures were viewed by ALL and the sound and video were spot on!

The Men's Room at the "Pumping Iron Gym" was Priceless. When you were at the Urinal, how you struggled to even keep two fingers steadily around that meatless wonder was beyond pathetic. The shock on the faces of the other Gym patrons when they glanced at your pathetic appendage, had us choking on the Caviar Blini's and Cocktails for HOURS!

We are going to start a special Video Site for you on the Internet, YouTubeless! If you don't have a Tube steak and only a Pig in a Blanket, what else do you expect?

Oh, when you arrived at the Manor and we posed you with a Ruler against your meatless wonder and flicked our Cocktail stirs against it, you could not even make your flaccid little cock hard. When Hilda took off one of her Rings for a Cock ring and put it around your Cockette it finally hardened to the size of a mini carrot. FINALLY.

Cock Humiliation II

Sending you for a Calvin Klein Underwear Audition was one of my most brilliant plans AND having Thomas accompany you to film the entire event was priceless. If you had been hired you would have derailed the entire Advertising Campaign. It was "Unreality Television" at its finest. When the Casting Director had you try on the Calvin Klein briefs and all he and his Assistants could see was a shapeless flap of cloth where any normal mans Cock should be, had me and my guests rolling on the floor with laughter.

As for the Plastic Surgeon that I sent you to? He reported to me that your cock was so pathetic and small that he had his Assistant take a series of Photographs and they will be published in the Journal of American Medicine with an Essay that he will be writing on Plastic Surgery and its applications on Penis Enhancement!

The Good Doctor rang me to request your presence again! He needs you to expose your pathetic, tiny, Cock to his Associates at a Medical Conference that he will be lecturing at in Las Vegas. Of course I said YES! But there was one contractual stipulation, I am sending Thomas to film your travails AND the Good Doctor will take you to various Sex Shops for Penis extenders and Cock Ring shopping! You will have to expose yourself in your quest for tiny cock toys!