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Greetings bitch boi. My name is Duchess Willow, and you may address me as Duchess, Mistress, Ebony Queen, and your BBC dealer. I see all your thirsty ass twitter posts, and blog comments, gushing about how bad you want to suck a big black dick. And how you fetishize black men and their endowments, so let's get you together for a minute, before we continue.

First of all, I take no ish from white men. Most of you don't have dicks big enough to even talk to me, so when you come to my domain you come correct. That means I expect your undivided attention and respect. Anything less than the utmost respect for black women will get you banished from my presence.

Second, you will respect black Kings IN my presence at all times. You are nothing but a beta pasty ass monkey and your purpose on this earth is to serve me, and then serve my black alphas. You will treat them as your Master, and do as you are told if I'm unavailable to put my foot in your ass.

As a cuckold, I want you to know that your fantasies of your white wife cuckolding you - and your delusions of grandeur - are of no importance to me, and you really need to know your place before you pick that phone up. I expect you to please and pamper me. That is your first priority. The other thing I want you to know is that you've been watching too much porn, and your views of black men (and black women) in general are mundane, extremely racist, sexist, and shallow. So my purpose is to properly train you to be a cuckold servant to an Ebony Femdom. And as a white boi trainer, I will keep you and your little casper cock in line.

Lastly, even if you are a well endowed white male, you will be my beta slave, and your large white penis won't come anywhere near me. I am going to turn you into the cuckold bull you've always fantasized about, and use you to train the other beta bitches that share the unfortunate fate of having no melanin and no class, with you.

If anything I say shocks you, you better get ready to have your jaw dropped on a regular basis, because I said what I fucking said, and you will suck whatever I tell you to suck. Those of you who perform well will be allowed periodically to suck the black man's dick. Let your cuckold training begin. You will do anything for a taste of black power, and I expect you will be calling me very soon.



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