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You are in for so many wonderful new treats tonight, dear husband, that you'll think ten Christmases arrived all at once!

It's so obvious when you ask about my sexual experiences with other men that you especially like stories about the last boyfriend before we met. You know, the one with the 9-inch cock. Your whole body vibrates with arousal, and the sex we have after one of my tales is the best! Well, the best you're capable of. I mean, that cock of yours is quite a ways from nine orgasmic inches.

Tonight I'm meeting up with him at a hotel to, ahem, reminisce. And by reminisce I mean screw the daylights out of each other until one of us passes out. Don't give me that horrified look, you get to be a part of it. Sort of. You see, when our clothes come off, I'm going to call you and put the phone on speaker so you can hear every word, every moan, every slap of skin on skin while he and I create a new story for me to tell you when I get home tomorrow.

Now here's where you will have to make a choice. Do you want me to tell you all about it while I stroke your cock, like I usually do? Or would you rather have your tongue buried between my sticky thighs while you stroke your own cock? You don't have to decide right now; you can give it some thought while you listen to him fuck me inside out tonight...