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You've known for a long time. Almost since the first time you were with your beautiful, sexy wife. You suspect that she isn't satisfied. You can see it on her face and hear it in her fake moans. She never complains and she hasn't said anything at all about it except for the occasional "are you sure it's in?"

That and the almost endless list of excuses she has for not having sex with you, that is. But it's not that she doesn't like sex or can't have orgasms. You can hear her real moans and intensely pleasurable orgasms when she thinks she's alone with her toys.

You know you're a wonderful husband and a great guy. She loves you and would never consider leaving you. But it's time you faced facts and acted like a man. You need to make things right and find a way to satisfy your amazing wife. She deserves it. And you are going to enjoy it too - more than you can imagine. I promise!

The first step is to accept the fact that you will never be able to satisfy her sexually. So please just stop trying. It's just embarrassing for you and frustrating for her. Your problem is much more than your disappointing dick. It's also your utter lack of dominance and masculinity.

The second step is to find a solution. And I bet you already know what it is and you've been fantasizing about it for years. And now it can be your reality.

It's time to let real men do what you can't. You will both be so much happier. And together we will make this happen. I'll help you become the best cuckold husband you can be!



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