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You can not expect a Goddess like me to be satisfied with anything less than extraordinary and if you look between your legs you know that what you have is far from extraordinary.

An independent woman like me needs her desires fulfilled. Can you blame me? The thrill of having anyone I choose to satisfy me and satisfy me in ways you never could. Oh but you are in luck because as my cuckold you do get to enjoy me being satisfied just not by you or in the traditional way.

Perhaps I will let you watch, but maybe just maybe I will let you join us.I bet you will be glaring at his big hard cock, knowing all too well he is about to give me exactly what I want. Something you could never accomplish. Oh but unlike most men you are not jealous you are actually turned on knowing I am about to be fully satisfied by a real man!

What are you thinking about right now? Thinking about me getting pounded as you peek through a small crack of the closest door? Hearing how wet he is making me with each thrust? Hearing sounds you have never heard me make before? This is how a man is supposed to please a Goddess like me, if you were wondering.

You've grown so much since you've been watching us and no I don't mean as a person, silly, I mean in your trousers! Your cock grows harder and harder. Your eyes are so fixated on what's in front of you right now.

Are you craving for a taste, a little sample? You can participate, if you beg because you and I both know you want to join in on the kinky fun. I bet you would love a taste, wouldn't you? Well I can make that happen for you. Would you like that? I know you would, but the question is where will you be tasting it from?

Are you ready to explore cuckolding with me? Then call me right now and let's start having fun with your kinky cuckold fantasy.

Did I not mention an aspect of cuckolding you enjoy? Feel free to email me and let's discuss your cuckold desires



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